Part of the excitement of working at KTS is everyone’s dedication towards teamwork and understanding our employees are the key to our success.  In our desire to grow our company, challenge our employees and exceed our customer’s expectations we have begun to form certain partnerships.  These partnerships will seek to leverage efficiencies, operational capacities, technologies and best practices to create a larger network to service our customers.

As of May 2014 we are pleased to announce partnerships with Ohio based Specialized Express and AVC Partners.

Specialized Express is a Nationwide carrier providing temperature sensitive truckload transportation.  Founded in 2003 by Doug Abel and headquartered in Columbus, Ohio Specialized operated from the mid-west to the west coast and as far east as Philadelphia, PA.

AVC Partners, formed by Marc Kramer and Chris Munro in 2012 focuses on identifying strategies, revenue and cost opportunities and process alternatives.  AVC assists partner companies in identifying solutions and improving efficiencies in order to execute long term growth.