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"Treat your employees like they are your customers."

Dick Simon Trucking, Inc., where Kelle and so many of his employees got their start, was started by Kelle's father, Dick Simon in 1972. What began as a one-man route in 1963, grew to more than 2350 tractors, 3300 reefer trailers, and 2400 drivers. A market cap of $356 million in 2002. Kelle Simon has duplicated his father's success and for all the same reasons. When he started, all he wanted to be was a driver. As he added drivers he expanded his business into one of the fastest growing and most reliable in the industry.


Founder and President

Kelle started Kelle's Transport, Inc. in 2002 with only ambition and a lot of industry knowledge and experience. Within eleven months and after many long days, Kelle was able to acquire 30 trucks and operate the company with consistent profitability each month. Three years later (2005), kelle had increased his fleet to over 50 trucks with revenues exceeding six (6) million dollars. At the end of 2008 Kelle was operating 100 trucks and 175 trailers with revenues exceeding seventeen (17) million. At the end of 2010 Kelle was operating 130 trucks and 197 trailers with revenues exceeding twenty-four (24) million. Tody at KTS we operate 180 trucks and 265 reefer trailers with revenue exceeding over $40,000,000 ($40+) million.

Kelle has lived his entire life in the transportation and logistics industry. Born and raised in Utah, Kelle started in 1976 as a technician and mechanic for Dick Simon Trucking. His desire, however, was to be a truck driver. In 1979, he began his career driving for his dad, Dick Simon. He soon worked his way up the corporate ladder, becoming an owner operator 1983. He eventually accepted the position of Vice President of Maintenance and Purchasing where he worked for 16 years. In 2000, the Board of Directors voted Kelle president of Dick Simon Trucking, Inc.

As Vice President of Maintenance and Purchasing, Kelle spearheaded many cost cutting programs, one of which was an effort to reduce costly truck idle time. This program focused on preventative maintenance and acquiring equipment with longer life cycles. Even though the equipment came with a much higher price tag, it paid for itself in reduced downtime.

Today, Kelle manages and oversees all day-to-day operations at KTS. He is extremely involved in what goes on and will help anywhere he can. If help is needed in dispatch or customer service, he's always there. If KTS is short a driver, Kelle drives. His employees like the fact that he is so "hands on." His desk is in the operations room with all his office employees.